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Shop Fox wood lathe Headstock movement

Posted By on May 1, 2010

the lack of accuracy makes it difficult to align your work with the tailstock live center.

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10 Responses to “Shop Fox wood lathe Headstock movement”

  1. baconsoda says:


    The guys will sort your registration out soon, there are always moderators about. It’s a great site, I have learned more in one year there than 2 years at a Further Education College class.

    Look forward to seeing you there. You’ll see the post about your lathe in the ‘Tools’ section.


  2. joshua54901 says:

    Brendon… I can’t find your link on my YouTube account page I went to Wood Turner’s resource & I joined. But the site has not sent me the email I need to finish my registration. I look forward to meeting you all sharing my Knowledge, pictures, mistakes and successes. And most of all I hope to learn from everyone.
    All the best

  3. joshua54901 says:

    Ok Thanks! :0) I’ll see if I can find it.

  4. xxxrecon says:

    Brenden posted this on our turning forum he gave you a link to it. We have a huge variety of knowledge in our forum, it would be worth it to join (it’s free) I’m sure we can up with a fix to help you.

  5. baconsoda says:

    Brand new!!! I think I’d be packing it up and delivering it back to the dealer. If you had been aware that this problem existed in the store you wouldn’t have bought it.

    I posted your videos on Woodturner’s Resource and sent the link to your account page because we can’t post links in this box.

    Hopefully the guys in WR will have some ideas, I’ll let you know.


  6. joshua54901 says:

    The thing is… This lathe is brand new. I posted this for the manufacture to see. I then sent the link to them. If I were the distributor I would make this better by setting up a tailstock and headstock that they know will align and do an even exchange. -But they treat me like I’m trying to get something for nothing.

  7. baconsoda says:

    Yeah, I see what you mean. The technique I mentioned is how I align my lathe but it is perfect so I know it will hold the position. I wish I could be beside you to get a good look at this. I wonder to the plates that lock against the bed have anything to do with the problem? Are they worn or misshapen from use? Just grasping at straws here and trying to maybe look at other possibilities.

    I will post this link on a turning website where you might get better ideas. I will send you the link.


  8. joshua54901 says:

    In this video it is not locked in place. The trouble is where do you lock it in place while using the tailstock… alignment is critical when the work is mounted to the faceplate or clamped into my 4 jaw chuck. I like your 1st comment. However that process could be tricky with a larger or longer turning.

  9. baconsoda says:

    Just thought of something – does the headstock move about when it is locked down or was it released when you shook it?


  10. baconsoda says:

    Hi, would this help? Take the chuck off and loosen the headstock. Then, with shims, gently drive the revolving centre cone on the tailstock into the spindle on the headstock until they look like they are lined up. Then lock the headstock and put a drive centre in the headstock spindle to see if it lines up with the tailstock centre. If they do you are OK, if not try again without shims. If this does work you will need to do it for every job but it only takes a few seconds.
    Best Wishes, Brendan

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