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Grizzly G1495 Heavy-Duty Wood Lathe

A high-quality, heavy-duty cast iron bed wood lathe that we were almost "ordered" by our customers to bring in! This is one of the best package deals we offer. We ask you to compare all the features & accessories to others on the market. We are confident enough to say this is the best value out there. Call & ask for a reference. An instant "hit" when introduced in early 1988, this lathe has proven to be an excellent performer! Features ? Swing over bed: 14" ? Swing over gap: 17" ? Distance between centers: 40" ? Spindle size: 1" x 12 T.P.I. R.H. ? Spindle taper: M.T. #2 ? Tailstock taper: M.T. #2 ? Motor size: 3/4 H.P., single phase, 110V/220V ? Indexed spindle - 30° ? 7 speeds: 500-3070 R.P.M. ? Center-to-floor height: 41-1/2" ? Outboard spindle size: 7/8" x 16 T.P.I./ LH ? Shipping weight approx.: 281 lbs. Package Deal Includes: ? Cabinet Stand & Shelves ? 3/4 H.P., 110/220V Motor ? 8" sanding disc ? 6" faceplate ? Live Center/Spur Center ? Flap sander ? Pneumatic Drum Sander ? Two Tool Rest Mounts ? Aluminum Sanding Table ? Miter Gauge

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List Price: $ 995.00
Price: $ 895.00

Bolton Tools 12 X 30 Combo Lathe Mill, Seperate Lathe and Mill Mo

29-1/2" distance between centers 12" swing over bed, 6 3/4" swing over table, 8 1/2" cross slide travel , Mill spindle to table 12 2/3" Dial Calibration on Crossfeed: 0.002". Dial Calibration on Leadscrew: 0.002" Headstock Taper: MT4#. Thread pitch on processing: 11-40 1/n". Thread kinds on processing: 20 Tailstock Taper: MT3#. X-Axis Working Travel: 14". Y-Axis Working Travel: 8-1/2". 360 degree mill head rotation 3 1/4 Head Travel, Spindle Center to Support Column 2-1/8",Spindle to Table Distance 9-1/2"-12-3/5"Spindle Speeds: 9(315-2000RPM)Spindle Taper MT3#, X-Axis Working Travel 12-1/16". Y-Axis Working Travel 8-1/2". 3/4hp seperate lathe & mill motor 110 or 220 set up, ships with standard accessories and full 1 year manufacturers warrantty.

  • built in milling table with T-slots, 1" spindle bore
  • mill head has full 90 degree rotation, MT#3 Spindle Taper
  • 6 lathe speeds from 160-1600 RPM, Thread ranges from 11-40 TPI & 0.5-3.0 mm
  • 9 mill speeds from 400-2500,360 degree headstock rotation
  • Similiar machines don't allow for lathe & mill function at the same time

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List Price: $ 2,499.99
Price: $ 1,699.00

Grizzly G0624 10" Cast Iron Bench Top Wood Lathe

Heavy cast iron provides plenty of mass to turn plates and bowls up to 10" wide and spindles up to 15-1/2" long. Add the optional Bed Extension and you've got a full size lathe that can turn up to 38" between centers. Its 1/2 HP motor and 6 speed selections give you plenty of power and flexibility for any project. Features: * Motor: 1/2 HP, 110V, single-phase * Amps: 6 * Swing over bed: 10" * Distance between centers: 15-1/2", 38" w/ ext. * Tailstock travel: 3-1/4" * Swing over tool rest: 7-1/2" * Speeds: 480, 1270, 1960, 2730, 3327, 4023 RPM * 1" x 8 TPI right hand spindle * Tool rest length: 6-1/4" * MT #2 spindle taper and tailstock taper * Includes tool rest, live rolling center, spur center and 3" face plate * Overall dimensions: 34"L x 8-3/4"D x 15"H * Approximate shipping weight: 102 lbs.

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List Price: $ 275.00
Price: $ 275.00

Grizzly G0632 16" x 42" Variable Speed Wood Lathe

Aside from its large turning capacities, this machine has all of the features you would hope for in a heavy-duty Wood Lathe. For example, electronic variable speed in two speed ranges, digital speed readout, a swivel headstock for outboard turning, indexable spindle, spindle lock pin & a forward & reverse switch for outboard bowl turning are just some of the standard features you can expect. The bed is precision milled steel for strength & durability & heavy cast iron legs can be easily adapted for adding more mass. If you're looking for a lathe that will handle all of your turning needs, this is the one! Standard Equipment: Spur center Cup live center Knockout tool Indexing pin Tool rest 6" face plate Hex wrenches Features: Electronic variable speed control Digital spindle speed indicator 30° direct indexing using 1 indexing hole 10° indexing using all 3 indexing holes Headstock can be positioned anywhere along the bed Tailstock, headstock & tool rest support have lever action cam locks for quick positioning Belt drive offers 2 speed ranges Spindle lock pin Outboard spindle handle Forward/reversing

  • 1-1/4" x 8 TPI RH headstock spindle Spindle variable speed control with digital readout Speed range, high: 500-3200 RPM low: 190-1200 RPM MT#2 spindle & tailstock tapers Spindle bore: .445" Overall dimensions: 77-1/16"L x 22-1/16"W x 47"H Approximate shipping weight: 394 lbs.

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List Price: $ 1,425.00
Price: $ 1,425.00

Grizzly G9247 VS Mini Wood Lathe

Modelers and crafters: This is the lathe for you! The Model G9247 has features found on other mini-lathes costing hundreds of dollars more. You just won't find a better value anywhere! Features: Variable speed motor 300-4750 R.P.M. Cast iron bed & headstock 3/4" x 16 TPI right hand spindle 5-15/16" swing over bed 3-1/4" swing over tool rest 12" between centers M. T. #1 spindle taper & tailstock taper 1/4 H.P., 110V TEFC brush type motor 2.6 Amps Includes tool rest, live rolling center & spur center Overall dimensions: 27"L x 4-3/4"D x 9-3/4"H Shipping weight approx. 44 lbs.

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List Price: $ 156.95
Price: $ 156.95

Grizzly H3403 Cupped Live Center for Wood Lathe - MT1

Regular centers could split the wood and ruin the workpiece. This Live Center has an outer lip that prevents the wood from splitting. All ball bearing contruction.

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List Price: $ 5.95
Price: $ 5.95

RIKON 70-100 12-by-16-Inch Mini Lathe

Model 70-100 Rikon has taken the standard mini lathe to the next level with increased capacity - this mini lathe does more in less space. Featuring a 12" swing and 16" between centers with the ability to add one or more bed extensions. Shipping weight 89 lbs. Features: 12 position indexing head, self-ejecting tailstock with 2-1/2" ram travel, 8" tool rest, convenient lifting handle, tool holder, easy access to the top and bottom pulleys for quick speed changes, six speed (430, 810, 1,230, 1,810, 2,670, 3,900), #2 MT head stock, powered by a 1/2 HP TEFC motor. Overall dimensions: 32" long x 10-1/2" wide x 19" high. Includes: 8 tool rest, live center, 3 faceplate, spur center, tooling knockout.With its increased capacity, the RIKON 70-100 12-by-16-Inch Mini Lathe gives you the opportunity to do more with less space. This powerful, smooth-running lathe offers unique features like a 12-position index head for accurate pattern work, easy access for quick speed changes, a convenient tool holder, and the ability to add multiple extensions.
12-by-16-Inch Mini Lathe
At a Glance:Largest mini lathe in the industry
Easy-access speed change for quick speed adjustments
Unique 12-position indexing head for detail work
Equipped for additional extensions
Two-year warrantyRelated Accessories:

Variable-Speed Kit
Powerful mini lathe

  • Easy Access Speed Change: Provides ample room to change speeds quickly
  • Self Ejecting Tail Stock: No need to use the knock-out bar to remove the center
  • Laser engraved ram with 2-1/2-Inch travel
  • Ability to Add Multiple Extensions
  • 1/2HP Motor

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List Price: $ 329.99
Price: $ 329.99

Steelex D1089 Chuck for Wood Lathe, 4-Jaw

Increase your wood lathe's versatility with this 4-jaw chuck. This 4-jaw chuck is 6" in diameter and comes complete with key. The 4-jaw chuck is an independent-type chuck that is used for square and odd-shaped pieces. Each jaw tightens individually and can be turned around to hold larger dimension workpieces. Our chucks fit many of the wood lathes in the U.S.A.! Please order inserts separately

  • Chuck is 6-Inch in diameter and includes key 3/8-Inch to 5-1/4-Inch

List Price: $ 76.30
Price: $ 57.95

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